Athletes Academy
340 N Eric Dr. Palatine, IL 60067 • 847-703-0033
May 1, 2020



Phase 4:

• We are limited to groups of 50 or less. But we will never reach 40 people in our smaller space as we do not feel it is ample space to stay properly distanced.

• Participants will wash hands before participating.

• All training sizes will be limited. Multiple groups will be permitted if proper distance can be maintained between groups.

• No spectators will be permitted inside the building during group training. Individual lessons may have a parent spectate because there are less people in the facility.

• No post-activity handshakes.

• Participants must bring their own water. The Phase 4 guidelines are not clear if we are able to provide a water jug or water bottles yet, so we will not be offering that until we get a clear understanding of this.

• Participants are encouraged to wear face coverings. But we understand there are circumstances that this is not possible.

• Participants must use their own equipment. All “house” equipment will only be operated by staff and will be sanitized after every use.

Teams with rental time left over will be given that time to reschedule once we are clear to open.

Athletes with training sessions, will have those sessions pick up and ready to schedule once we are clear to open.

Questions, comments and concerns should be directed to

Our Phone System has been dysfunctional for over 3 months, as we have learned we have not been receiving voicemails since December… we are sorry if we have not gotten back to you… please send all inquiries to and we will get back to you immediately.