April 3, 2019

Lacrosse Leagues

Tyke 3 v 3 League

Ages K-2 • Monday and Wednesday • 5:00pm

57549068147__4c9858ee-f98d-427d-a201-4d0b7e541321Athletes Academy will host a 3 v 3 lacrosse league with modified rules and restrictions. Practices and games for this league will be hosted at Athletes Academy; this league is designed to prepare young lacrosse players for the IBLA. Our focus will be providing a safe and fun learning environment where players will correctly learn the fundamentals of lacrosse.

Playing Surface

Athletes Academy is an indoor facility with artificial turf. The field of play will be 25 yards by 15 yards and goals will be 3 feet by 3 feet

Rules Overview

The A2 Tyke 3v3 league welcomes both boys and girls to participate.  There will be NO CHECKING ALLOWED, fouls will be called like basketball where each violation will result in a penalty shot. Teams will consist of 5-7 players with game play being 3 v 3. For safety purposes, we will be playing with a tennis ball. All players will receive a reversible jersey, a US Lacrosse membership, and a US Lacrosse magazine (12 month subscription)!

Required Player Equipment

All A2 Tyke 3v3 participants must be equip with the following equipment.  A2 does have some equipment for rent, an appointment MUST be made and players must be fit in advance.

  • Lacrosse or hockey helmet (w/mask)
  • Lacrosse Stick
  • Boys lacrosse or hockey gloves (must have ample padding)
  • Mouthguard
  • Gym or turf shoes (no cleats allowed)
  • Boys must wear a cup

Registration Fee:  $150.00





Below you will see a clip from a Speed Lacrosse tournament this past summer on Montrose Beach. This is similar to the type of game we will be playing.  3v3 on 3′ nets, but as novice lacrosse players we will require some additional equipment than what is seen below.

Any questions, please call Coach Ray at 847-703-0033