April 11, 2018

Speed Training


Keep an eye out for winter speed development by Coach Jim Farrell and Need 4 Speed Sports


Coach Farrell and his staff are providing a progressive speed development camp focusing on the following:

  • Acceleration
  • Top Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Agility

This progressive camp will provide diverse training, offering new activities every day, using the following drills:

  • Sprint Progression Drills
  • Form Running Drills
  • Pro Shuttle Agility Drills
  • Cone Agility Drills
  • Speed and Agility Ladder Drills
  • Plyometric and Bounding Drills
  • Resistance Harness Training Drills

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Need 4 Speed

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Need 4 Speed picks back up on Thursday from 4:30-6pm. Come learn how to improve your speed by perfecting your form #LetsGo #A2Classes

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This camp is LIMITED TO THE FIRST 15 young athletes that register. Guarantee your spot and save money by committing to all 16 dates!  Just click buy now below and you will be directed to our secure payment page.





5 spots available in Phase 1 – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

5 spots available in Phase 2 – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

If space is available we will offer a drop-in rate of $20 per session.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Give us a call at 847-703-0033


Speed and Agility Training from Need 4 Speed Sports. Good for all sports, all athletes 5th grade through High School. To get fast you have to go fast. Each meeting the group will train the four major components of speed: Flexibility, Strength, Stride Frequency and Stride Length as well as other running form efficiencies. Teaching skills and drills that will apply to all sports.