April 4, 2018

Facility Rental

Athletes Academy is a 9,000 sq ft sports training facility that is perfect for team practices as well as small groups that want to get some work in!

*Winter hours at A2 are being booked FAST, almost all weekday hours in January and February are currently booked. Please call NOW to hear what is remaining, if you are interested in renting our facility this winter (847-703-0033)

Fall Rates:

Full Turf:  $100 per hour (75’x80′ area)

Half Turf: $60 per hour (75’x40′ area)

1/3 Turf: $50 per hour (25’x80′ area)

1/6 Turf: $30 per hour (25’x40′ area)

Baseball Options:

Indoor Batting Cage: $50 per hour (we provide balls, L-Screen, plate, and Atec Machine)

Fielding Tunnel: $50 per hour (25’x80′ area)

Pitching Tunnel: $50 per hour (includes portable mound, plate and balls)

Lacrosse Options:

Shooting Zone:  $50 per hour (includes balls, net, and shooter tutor)

Backyard Lacrosse Area: $30 per hour (includes balls, net, and shooter tutor)

These rates are NOT per person, this is for the area and items included for the hour. You may have group training for this price, our goal remains to have a quality place to train at an affordable price. Questions? Call Ray at 847-703-0033 or send an email to Ray@AthletesAcademyInc.com!